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Best Years of Your Life

“College will be the best 4 years of your life,” Mrs. D said excitedly and I believed her.  I was two years older than your typical eight grader and I wanted adventure and excitement. My eight grade teacher sold me the idea of college. I got extremely excited and I was dreaming about the art school I would go to before I even started my freshmen of year of high school. I was always a big ambitious dreamer. I dreamed so much that  I told my 8th  grade English teacher, I would become a successful writer and retire at the age of  twenty (rolling eyes).  Here I am at 23 and I am not even close to that road. To think of it, I haven’t written anything that wasn’t for school since my sophomore year of high school.   Either that poem was so moving that it was unbeatable or maybe I was no longer passionate about writing.  Nonetheless here I am at the age of 23 and wondering why I listened to my eight grade  teacher. She was obliviously wrong, college hasn’t been the best years of my life. It has been filled with one confused moment of pain after pain after pain.

Since I started college, it has been a mess. Maybe at a later age I will realize it was all worth it. Sometimes  I go back to the past and wonder if, but  right now I have already took the plunge and I must move on. I think what my Eight grade teacher should have said was choose a path that will make you happy or at least ignite passion.  I mean my high school career wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I honestly did not apply myself. I had grades good enough to get into a few colleges and somehow, I even managed to get a scholarship or two. I wasn’t a dumb kid, but I was a kid who always felt guilty for choosing herself.  I didn’t chose my dream school because  I made myself responsible for my younger siblings and my parents who needed me to translate.   So, I stayed.  Most people would probably say  my college experience wasn’t great because I didn’t try, but I know that’s not it. I did try. I joined clubs, made an effort to make friends and participated in all of my classes. It was so different from who I was in high school, that if my history teacher knew I participated in classes he wouldn’t believe it.   He would be shocked and even I was at first, but it was interesting to see a different side of me. Does this make college the best years of my life ? I don’t think so and I am yet to live those years. I  wanted to switch schools and walk away so many times, I even made an effort to take  a semester off to only change my mind last minute.  I didn’t have guts or maybe because I have hard time letting go of things I worked hard for.  I had a scholarship at the school and giving it up that easily was hard, super hard and so I decided to suck it up and finish.

Right now I sound super negative, but I have had a few interesting experiences that I have taught me many life lessons that I wouldn’t forget. Those experiences were needed and I am grateful for it. As much as I cried a lot I have also laughed a lot and met people who have had both a positive and a negative impact on me.   I sound regretful on my choice to attend college, but that is not. It is  just a reminder for myself and others that college is as an important and life changing decision as getting married.  As you would chose your life partner carefully, chose whether college is for you carefully. It is an expensive life altering experience that would impact your life for a long long time.  As fore educators, please give options besides college to your students. I don’t even remember getting many options beside college and the Army. I did not want to join the army, so I jumped at college, but there are a lot more options. I feel like right now people know and understand their options better, I hope they chose for themselves and do not allow  peer, family and and even pressure from teachers to decided what you do with your life.  As far as what the best years of your life are, you also define that for yourself by how  you react to life experiences and changes.


Comment or share below what the best years of your life were so far.

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